The Matrix is all about what we as messengers communicate – both intentionally and unintentionally. For better or for worse…

In many respects it has been for me (Frank Gray) a life-long project, ebbing and flowing, spurred on by good feedback, encouraged by others who have seen its valid contribution to our understanding of how to best share the Good News about Jesus in our contemporary world.

It has three primary uses:

  1. It helps us better understand where people are in their spiritual pilgrimage
  2. It helps us understand more clearly what will help their movement towards Jesus Christ and into His Kingdom
  3. It then helps us see how far our current efforts in Christian witness and discipleship are hitting the mark – and what are missing

How did all this start?

It all began many years ago during my time in Laos. I had been doing my best to help develop meaningful media materials for a largely Buddhist nation but in spite of our best efforts I had that lurking suspicion that we may be missing the mark. What we were doing was not communicating and there was little to show for our efforts – but there were some clues….

A major breakthrough occurred when I was introduced to the Engel Scale… It shed much light in my understanding… But as I began to apply it I found that it failed to recognise how people felt – and whether or not they were open to receive the Good News. Later, when studying at Wheaton College Grad School with Jim Engel as my professor I saw with great clarity the need for another dimension… And so the Gray Matrix was born!

It has been a pilgrimage…

Use the various tabs above to explore the many aspects of the Gray Matrix – including TGMX which reveals some new developments and course corrections for the contemporary world.


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