The Gray Matrix has gone through various stages of development since its inception in 1977.
Here are some of the highlights:

1977 (January) – presented to Dr James Engel, head of Communications at Wheaton College Grad School

1981 Programming Perspectives #4 August 1981- Programming with a Purpose

1983 RICE Consultation – Manila

1983 Wheaton ’83 Conference –¬†Radio in Church-planting Evangelism paper

1985 RICE/Lausanne Consultation in Cambridge (Dec 1-4) + subsequent write-up for LOP26 Radio in Mission

1996 Adopted the Gray Matrix as new name on recommendation from RJ

1996 Published in Radio Programming Roles, FEBC, La Mirada

1996 Linked to new Close to the Listener theme (Defining FEBC of the Future document)

2001 Developed module on Gray Matrix for FEBC’s HOT Training

2012 Modified to include New Media for presentation at EDMC

2013 Extended version (TGMX) developed with revised and extended vertical axis

For a complete 12-page history complete with graphics download the PDF document The Gray Matrix – Tracking Its History (1977-2015)

tgm logo

tgm logo

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