The traditional Gray Matrix model, while immutable in principle, has nevertheless been found to be out-of-date.

It is true. It is essentially a 2-dimensional adaptation of the respected Engel Scale that first took the evangelical world by storm in the mid-70s.

But times have changed – quite considerably in fact. The numbers of people who now declare themselves ‘agnostic’ or totally unaware of a Supreme Being, have increased dramatically. These minus 7-ers – or minus 8-ers can no longer be ignored.

I am deeply grateful to the recent research of Dr Paul Windsor who has brought this to my attention. Paul Hazelden has already taken steps to extend the Engel Scale to begin at -12, based largely upon his own work with the urban poor in Bristol, UK through Crisis Centre Ministries.

More importantly Windsor points out that both Engel Scale and Gray Matrix suggest that there is no communication strategy for those in ’empty space’ as he refers to this extreme position. He goes on to suggest a communication strategy that engages people through intrigue. Narrative uses intrigue. The best known of this would be the parables of Jesus – combining real life stories with a strong element of paradox. Allegory, such as The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis would be another example. Storying, generally, has that amazing capacity of drawing people into situations so that they experience another world – perhaps one like Narnia – that they did not think existed.

With this in mind I have therefore experimented with an extended Gray Matrix… (TGMX). I am grateful for insights from Paul Hazelden on the naming of the┬ácaptions.matrix_TGMX

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