The Joy of Discovery

by pilgrim on 1st December 2015

Isn’t it wonderful when we get those “aha” moments?  When we get new insights into things or topics that are already familiar to us…

No doubt we all have those experiences from time to time – but it has been especially exciting for me to get them with the Matrix,  something that I have know intuitively to be right but which sometimes lacks the biblical support.

The first of these recent new insights was when reading John chapter 1 where it talks of the coming of Christ into the world – ‘the glory of the One and Only…full of grace and truth (v14). And again in verse 17 – ‘the law was given through Moses; grace and truth came through Jesus Christ.’  This reinforces the case for two dimensions in the Matrix – the horizontal representing grace, and the vertical, truth. Beautiful!

The second was that of the the ministry of reconciliation that God has entrusted to us. The apostle Paul brings this out in writing to the Corinthians: God… ‘gave us the ministry of reconciliation.’ (2 Cor 5:18). Reconciliation is the process of restoring relationships that have been broken. This is another reflection on the importance of the horizontal dimension. It again demonstrates how critical this is in a broken world. God wants things – and people – put back together again. Moreover he has chosen us to be instruments in that process.

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The Gray Matrix – History

by pilgrim on 16th May 2015

The use of the Gray Matrix continues to grow. It has now made its presence known in the UK church scene thanks to Paul Moore’s Making Disciples in Messy Church book published by BRF.

However, there are various incorrect statements around about where the Matrix came from and how it was hatched. I have therefore felt it necessary to set the record straight by documenting its development from the start – back in 1977.

Download a PDF file of a 12-page document, The Gray Matrix – Tracking its History, that also includes the various associated graphics – as far back as 1981.


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Engel Scale or Gray Matrix?

December 27, 2013

Craftsman are known for having good tools to do the job. This is equally true for those who select the Engel Scale – or the Gray Matrix – to help them do their job of communicating the message of the Gospel in contemporary society. As graphical images both help us to see what needs to […]

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What about Atheists at Christmas?

December 16, 2013

Out carol-singing a few nights ago outside the supermarket I was temporarily silenced by the put-down from a shopper who glibly told me “I’m an atheist”. It was as though that was the end of the matter when I reached out to him with a give-away candle and a Bible text relating to Christmas. What […]

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Nudging the Sceptics

November 21, 2013

We all need a nudge from time to time. If not we might end up doing nothing – or merely sitting in the grandstand. Sadly in the situations where many of us find ourselves today there is little room to think or to stop and evaluate where we are, what life is all about – […]

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May 16, 2013

Followers of Jesus Christ may look upon their leader as the best thing since sliced bread. To them it is obvious that Jesus is the clear choice: there is no one to compare with him… He is their life, their joy, their focus and the source of true meaning. But many don’t see it that […]

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The NEW Gray Matrix

May 1, 2013

It was time for the Gray Matrix to have a makeover. A lot has been learned in the process of its development. Understanding has increased and clarity has emerged regarding its usefulness in a wider context than originally intended. For those who still like the older version it can be found at Meanwhile we […]

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Truth is Dangerous

March 30, 2013

This line came to me as I lay in bed contemplating where to go with Key Messages. A search on Google revealed that the phrase is not original (what is these days?). I was especially drawn to a quote from Frances Hardinge which seemed to confirm this. I found myself commenting on the fact that we […]

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The NEW Horizontal Axis

March 12, 2013

Till now we have been willing to accept that the horizontal axis of the Gray Matrix is all about openness and  relationship. But we have stopped short of suggesting the kinds of activities that might help nudge a person to the right – to a more positive and open attitude. Now I think we can […]

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