Nudging the Sceptics

by pilgrim on 21st November 2013

We all need a nudge from time to time. If not we might end up doing nothing – or merely sitting in the grandstand.

Sadly in the situations where many of us find ourselves today there is little room to think or to stop and evaluate where we are, what life is all about – or how we might get away from this treadmill of activity so that we can once again discover ourselves. We sometimes feel we need to dig in our heels and resist an changes being forced upon us.

Our worldview is one of the things that basically shapes our outlook and life – and where we fit into the world around us. It is a fascinating area of life but not one that we are very much aware of. It is currently being shaped and formed by life, friends, media and the multitude of things going on around us.

One area where we are delightfully vulnerable, however, is when we escape into the arts – perhaps theatre or even a good novel. Or it may be the movies or YouTube for a bit of escapism.

It is in these creative areas where people’s emotions are touched as whole new worlds are opened up, new possibilities explored.

Creative writing takes a lot of hard work. It also requires inspiration and space in which it can come alive. But it is in these special areas where the sceptics among us can be nudged into acknowledging that there are ways of looking at life, its purpose and meaning that they had never entertained before. Their worldview is being tested and adapted.

Come on, let’s give them a nudge…!

C.S.Lewis understood this well when he wrote his allegorical Chronicles of Narnia. He longed to open up the spiritual  world beyond which he had discovered Рbut which was met with great scepticism by his Oxford University peers.

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