by pilgrim on 16th May 2013

Followers of Jesus Christ may look upon their leader as the best thing since sliced bread. To them it is obvious that Jesus is the clear choice: there is no one to compare with him… He is their life, their joy, their focus and the source of true meaning.

But many don’t see it that way. The majority of people never go to church.
As messengers of Christ would it not help a great deal if we understood why this is the case?

Why don’t people believe?¬†Why are they dismissing a world leader – without parallel – whose life and teaching changed the world for ever?

If the Church were interested in market research there would have been endless studies to find answers to this question. Of course, it will vary widely from one country to another, depending on their background belief system.

Without doing research it might be helpful to hazard a few suggestions. Even going through this process can help us on our way to taking this matter seriously – and seeing the importance of doing our homework properly.

Here is a starting list:

  • they have not heard of him
  • they have heard but they don’t like what they hear
  • they have another religion or belief system
  • they have no interest in religion or spirituality
  • they have had a bad experience of religion in their past
  • they are too interested in making money
  • they want to have ‘a good time.’
  • they have grown up with false ideas about Jesus
  • they have been poisoned against Christian belief
  • they have been turned off by what they see of Christians and the Church
  • they fail to see the relevance to their own life and experience
  • following Jesus would be too costly
  • they have not felt or experienced Christian love and compassion
  • they find the exclusiveness of Jesus offensive
  • the Enemy has blinded their eyes…

The list is surely much longer, but this provides us a useful start.

One point we can make is that pumping more knowledge or awareness into people is not going to address the issue. There are other factors that need to be seriously considered. The Gray Matrix might help us understood the issue better.

Your thoughts?

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