The NEW Gray Matrix

by pilgrim on 1st May 2013

It was time for the Gray Matrix to have a makeover. A lot has been learned in the process of its development. Understanding has increased and clarity has emerged regarding its usefulness in a wider context than originally intended. For those who still like the older version it can be found at

Meanwhile we now see with greater clarity the three most probable uses. They each reflect our attempt to take the Good News about Jesus Christ to audiences in the most meaningful and appropriate manner. They are as follows:

  1. ┬áTo help us better understand where our audiences are spiritually – or where an individual may be on their spiritual pilgrimage.
  2. To help us assess the value of our existing ministries in their various dimensions
  3. To serve as a tool in developing strategies for Christian witness and discipleship that are most appropriate to our audiences.

Explore the tabs above to help your understanding. They are quite self-explanatory. There is still a long way to go so if some areas are inadequate or incomplete please be patient…


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