Truth is Dangerous

by pilgrim on 30th March 2013

This line came to me as I lay in bed contemplating where to go with Key Messages. A search on Google revealed that the phrase is not original (what is these days?). I was especially drawn to a quote from Frances Hardinge which seemed to confirm this.

I found myself commenting on the fact that we can’t seem to trust anything anymore. We are bombarded by e-mails trying to trap us into revealing our banking details or phone calls from “Microsoft” enticing us to let others onto our computers. The result is that we learn to take these things with a pinch of salt. We find we need to test everything and hold everything at arms length. The age of innocence has been lost and will no doubt never be recovered…

But it does mean that the simple, plain truth looks even more attractive – once people are convinced that it is true!

This begs the question about what the true things are that we need to be communicating. And how can they be communicated in such a way that they will be credible? And if they are credible then how will they be believed?  Was what Jesus said totally credible, for example? For me and for many others he was the most credible person who ever lived. If so should we not be taking his words seriously?

Maybe our actions have something to do with our credibility. We may find ourselves judging a person’s credibility by observing if they live consistently with what they are saying…

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