The NEW Horizontal Axis

by pilgrim on 12th March 2013

Till now we have been willing to accept that the horizontal axis of the Gray Matrix is all about openness and  relationship. But we have stopped short of suggesting the kinds of activities that might help nudge a person to the right – to a more positive and open attitude. Now I think we can take it one step further… Try this:

Activities associated with the horizontal axis of TGM represent those components of the Gospel that care about people. They are not factual – but action-  and attitude-driven. They show belief in action – not so much as strategically important activities but as the natural outworking of our Christian love.

They are those ever-present elements that have the effect of strengthening relationships and building trust. They bless people – whether inside or outside of the family.

It is this element that works strongest in opening up hearts and changing attitude.  While the vertical axis focuses on belief  and what we need to know the horizontal is more about actions and behaviour, values and attitudes.

When elements of the horizontal axis are absent  or weak, attitudes against the Gospel get hardened…. But when they are strong people see and feel that what we say is genuine.

When we have the horizontal and vertical acting hand-in-hand in a manner appropriate to the intended audience then we have a demonstration of whole gospel. The words are validated by the actions.

Jan March 28, 2013 at 1:26 am

Agreed that activities associated with progress along the horizontal axis are those which are the gospel in action, outworkings of the Kingdom.
I think we need to carefully distinguish though, between where people are in the matrix ( position in knowledge and in attitude) and what we do to enable them to move along.

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